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Viola Voice

~Next chapter of VIOLA with Ayako TAHARA~

An outstanding violist, Ayako TAHARA creates new phases for viola.

[Program A]

○Viola Voice/SOLO


Just a voice of viola ---.

This program would have various pieces for solo viola which were composed by various composers, including Japanese composers who are sharing the same time with us.



○Viola Voice/TRIO

Debussy: Sonata for flute, viola and harp

Brahms: Two Songs for Voice, Viola and Piano, Op. 91


With those 2 pieces, Brahms’ master piece which has an uncommon formation and Debussy’s great work in his late life, we would see beauty of viola, deeper and beyond our expectation.



○Viola Voice/ Feel the SONG of Viola

Schumann: Dichterliebe

Schubert: Winterreise


Reading of words by a reciter and “singing” viola.

In a different angle, we would see the master pieces.

The “Voice” which is created by tone and words would give you limitless flying of images.

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